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The Beta Edition is the 2nd printing of Magic: The Gathering or merely called "Beta". Excluding Volcanic Island and Circle of Protection: Black that were unintentionally left out, both Beta and Alpha cards have almost the same content. There are also several game cards that were misprinted in Alpha like Demonic Hordes, Cyclopean Tomb, Elvish Archers, Orchish Oriflamme and Orcish Artillery which were then corrected in the Beta printing.

Alpha cards are considered unique, mainly because of its round corner which is noticeably different compared with Beta and other deck cards. As the years go by, Beta cards are on demand to its players and collectors. However, they have difficulty in finding these cards because of its scarcity.

Mox Ruby, Mox Set, Mox Sapphire, Mox Pearl, Mox Emerald, Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall, Timetwister, and Time walk are remarkable Power 9 cards found in Beta. These Magic: The Gathering cards are definitely sought and desired in majority of Magic Card collectors. Prices generally depend on the magic card and its condition, for such the Power 9 cards from the Beta printing ranges up to thousand of dollars. The Black Lotus is the most important and expensive Power 9 cards so far. Mint condition or near Mint are priced for a few thousand dollars. On the other hand, Timetwister Beta Edition is the least important among but worth around $500 in near mint condition.

However, keeping the Power 9 cards from the Beta Edition after you obtain them in a good deal is the best decision to make by most collectors.

Written by Webster Reinhardt. Find more information on MTG Beta.

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