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The 3rd set in the Alara block is the Alara Reborn, also the forerunner of Conflux and Shards of Alara. Alara Reborn, which is also called Scissors, go after Wizards of the Coast's latest publishing standards. Alara Reborn includes 145 cards and was released last April 30, 2009. It also contains one Mythic rare in each 8 packs. The previous theme of these cards was reinstated by this intro packs that also comes with one booster pack and 41 new cards.

Alara Reborn is the only set that consists of gold or multi-colored cards, a major advantage in contrast to other deck cards. Not only that, this set also contains several cards that are very powerful in the game that will absolutely change the manner of how Magic The Gathering is played and enjoyed by its players. To name some of the best cards in this set are Sen Triplets, Maelstrom Pulse, Behemoth Sledge, Nulltread Gargantuan and Spellbreaker Behemoth. The Alara Block set uses its new mechanics of Unearth, Devour and Exalted, and also includes Cascade, the latest mechanic.

When you play Cascade, a spell, you need to take out the cards starting from the top until such time you will need to remove the card that cost less, which is no other than the nonland cards. You can put the separated cards underneath randomly and absolutely play it without even paying its mana cost.

Written by Webster Reinhardt. Find more information on Alara Reborn, and MTG Alara Reborn.

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