MSDS software compliance with GHS and REACH

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The Chemical industry worldwide has to comply with the international regulations for manufacturing, handling and use of chemicals. The Chemical Industry needs to comply with the latest GHS and REACH regulations. It is essential to implement country specific regulations to author Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). The MSDS software is designed to make it easy for the companies to manage hazardous chemicals.

The Material Safety Data Sheet is a 16 section legal document that is required by the Authorities describing uses, physical chemical properties, ecotoxicological and toxicity data, use storage guidelines, handling and disposal procedures, and many other aspects of hazardous chemicals and articles or their components.
What is the purpose of MSDS?

MSDS is a legal requirement. It is required by the Authorities on all hazardous chemicals, articles or the components that are being used and handled frequently. The Material Safety Data Sheet must contain.

Chemical identity of the product
Physical and chemical properties of the product
Manufacturer information
Health hazard information.
Safety aids needs
Determining symptoms of over exposure
Measures to be taken at the time of accidents
Fire and explosion hazard information

But reading a MSDS document can be difficult at times. Initially it was designed only for the eyes of chemical engineers, safety professionals and the like but it is as well required by employers, employees, emergency personnel and all who may come across the hazardous chemical. Though all the MSDSs contain same chapters but the formats of the document has been left to the manufacturer and therefore vary largely.

There has been a wide spread discussion within the EU to implement regulations for the betterment of both human health and the environment as a result REACH is been formed. In parallel the GHS, a globally harmonized system for the classification of chemicals has been introduced by the UN.

The objective of REACH is to shift more responsibility to the manufacturer to comply with the legal requirements for the manufacturing, distribution, import and use of hazardous chemicals..
There are now many companies which offer MSDS authoring services MSDS authoring services collect and revise data on hazardous chemicals to check compliancy with the updates and revised regulations. There is now MSDS software tool to help authoring Material Safety Data Sheet. However, it is essential to establish that the MSDS software complies with the requirements of REACH and GHS.

REACH has set the requirements high that it has become hard for the manufacturers of the exporting countries, amongst which China and India are the major exporters of chemicals contributing 36% and 15% respectively to total import of the EU nations, to comply with the guidelines. MSDS software complying with REACH and GHS regulations has therefore become essential for the chemical trade companies to meet international compliancy.

Authoring compliant MSDS has never been more complex than it is now with REACH, GHS, JIS and similar regulations for their respective countries becoming stricter. The responsibilities fall equally on manufacturers, suppliers and importer. The companies wanting to survive in the competitive market are required to ensure with their customers and suppliers that chemicals used in products and finished goods are all safe. The MSDS software can help companies in identifying, tracking, maintaining and complying with international regulatory guidelines of chemicals with ease.

However one needs to ensure that their system is customized to meet the particular needs of a company and also complies with the REACH, GHS and CLP regulations. The MSDS software is designed to make it easy for the companies to meet the various regulation of the specified country.

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