MS Friendly Meals

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an incurable disease that many people suffer from. It gradually impairs the cognitive and motor abilities of people through the lesions it induces in a personís brain and spinal cord. These inflamed scars and wounds prevent the nerve cells of the body from communicating with each other, and misfired signals sometimes result in involuntary fits and attacks in MS patients.

Recent research suggests that diet has a significant impact on the severity as well as frequency of these attacks. It was found that saturated fat had a causal effect on flare-ups of multiple sclerosis symptoms. Experiments have shown that committing to a permanent lifestyle change that greatly reduces the amount of saturated fat intake can keep patients mobile and the symptoms minor even twenty years after the onset of MS.

Itís clear that with a few dietary modifications, the quality of life for those suffering from MS can be greatly improved. However, it can be hard for the inexperienced to formulate an effective meal plan thatís low in saturated fat and yet remains balanced and healthy. If you or a loved one is afflicted with multiple sclerosis, here are some MS friendly meal suggestions.

Grains are always an excellent addition to anyoneís breakfast routine. Oatmeal, quinoa or grits are all equally good. The high fiber content of whole carbohydrate sources is perfect for refueling the body in the morning. For MS diet purposes, its high phytochemical contentís anti-inflammatory properties will help prevent the emergence of the diseaseís symptoms.

Fish should be a staple in anyoneís MS diet. It offers a host of benefits for people with multiple sclerosis. Itís a good source of animal protein without the risk of elevated levels of saturated fat. Itís also rich in the proper omega-3/omega-6 ratios that reduce inflammation of the spinal and brain lesions.

For those who dislike going completely vegetarian, rabbit is another good animal protein source that fits well into any MS diet. Rabbit meat is extremely low in fat. In fact, for normal people, subsisting on nothing but rabbit meat will lead to unhealthy fat starvation symptoms. The unusual leanness of the animal makes it particularly safe for MS patients to consume.

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