MS Friendly Food Alternatives

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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating condition that science has not yet found the cure for. It gradually diminishes the cognitive and motor abilities of those afflicted unless the proper treatments are done. Even with the help of the most cutting-edge therapies, the most that can be done is to arrest the diseaseís advance. Existing symptoms remain and cannot be removed completely.

Every week, more than 200 people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis all over the United States. The number has grown so fast that there are almost half a million people living with the disease in the country right now.

One of the more effective strategies in managing MS is through the proper adherence to a diet thatís low in saturated fat. Research suggests that excessive levels of this macronutrient can contribute to a higher incidence rate of MS-related attacks. Avoiding food thatís rich in it can go a long way towards improving the patientís quality of life.

Unfortunately, the modern fast-food culture may make it difficult for people to find MS friendly alternatives to what they used to eat before. If you or a loved one is currently suffering from multiple sclerosis, here are some dietary tips that might help.

For main meals, there are lots of options you can try that are appropriate for any multiple sclerosis diet. Things like pork chops or steaks can be substituted with fish. Tilapia, tuna and salmon are all tasty, high in protein and extremely low in saturated fat content. Also, try baking or grilling the fish; it makes no sense to risk complications from the additional oil used in conventional frying methods.

Modifying your favorite snacks and finger food to become more compatible with your multiple sclerosis diet is also very easy. Thereís no need to stop enjoying potato chips or French fries before a big game; just bake or broil the taters in the oven instead of deep frying them. This cooking method will also keep the pieces crisp for a longer time since thereís no oil to make them soggy.

Try to incorporate some form of whole grain in every meal of your multiple sclerosis diet. Theyíre high in fiber and are considered a complete carbohydrate. Oatmeal in particular is very high in phytonutrients that can help reduce the inflammation of MS lesions.

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