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The globe of movie, together with Hollywood, is in frenzies about 3D. Some specialists are comparing the introduction of latest movies to revolutionary transition from silenced movies to sound, and secondly from black and white technology to colour. Whereas our set apart eyes naturally every perceive slightly different picture, our brains are those to combine the input into one image, allowing us to perceive the depth.

In fact, 3D movies aren't revolutionary news, as a result of its beginning goes back as way as to the 1922, enduring the golden era through fifties, fading away and then briefly resurrecting in eighties. However "new movies" from the past never really survived, though people loved stereoscopic movies, thanks to heavy issues related to the shortage of applicable technology. Digital technology and introduction of different technological achievements is creating 3D format in new movies a lot of a lot of reliable, movies are subtle, and production is simplified. Truly, whereas two film projectors were required within the past to perform a movie in 3D tech, the only one is sufficient today. Therefore movie theatres are hurrying up to exchange analogue projector with digital projector together with photo-optical device.

Because new movies in 3D format indeed perform 2 slightly totally different views of the only action - creating the illusion of depth - audience in movie theatre is sporting special glasses in order that each eye see only one in all the few overlapping prints, allowing human brains to create similar to 3D technology, i.e. the appearance of depth to the flat image. Unfashionable red and blue cardboard glasses from the fifties are replaces by upgraded polarized glasses with circular polarization. Unlike in early era of 3D technology, individuals watching new movies nowadays are allowed to maneuver their heads while not disturbing 3D fusion.

New movies technology is tremendous incentive for movie theatres, fighting a troublesome battle for their share in movie business against home theatre systems industry, which is - attracted by huge popularity of latest movies in 3D format - already calculating its potential for home use. The query is not if however when 3D format technology goes to succeed in home theatre systems as well. With advanced technologies, the gap between once dramatic difference between quality of home movie and movie theatres is closing. For concerning next 5 years the audience will have to go to the movie theatre to experience the journey of latest movies technology. Instead of printing and transporting reels of film, digital movies will be distributed by satellite or digital laptop media.

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