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To give a glimpse of what the viewers can find in the movie, the filmmakers use movie trailers. The short features, taken from different parts of the movie, blended with astounding background music and narration about the theme of the movie, gives the viewers the threads to know the nature of the movie. This is the first impression of the 'coming soon' movie on the audiences and determines how many of them will flock to the cinema halls to view it. This is the way to communicate to the public what all and much more can they find in the film. Naturally, therefore, the choice of the scenes is based on their capability of appealing to the crowds. They are mainly meant of keep the movie buffs interested in watching the full movie in the theatre.

However, what people normally get to see are the trailers of the new upcoming movies. For those, who wish to take a walk down the memory lane and remember the old movies, there are Internet resources where one can get to see both the new and the old trailers. These are, in essence, a way to reminisce the yesteryears, the bygone era. The Internet-based movie trailers-den or store house is used to note the development of cinema over a period of time, the changes in cinematic technology and to know or recall the stars of the times. The rare clips of the classics can also be found here.

The online resources have them categorized as per the production house, the top ones which have been viewed mostly in the past specified period and the latest articles contributed by the various authors. One needs to register first in order to use the facility. Registration is free on most of these sites. The new videos added till the last one month can be found in a separate section. On using the search function to look for a specific trailer or production house, the results will show all the movie trailers available on the site or all the trailers from that production house. On playing any specific one, the details are shown like the director, the production studio, the number of times this has been viewed and the keywords for that particular trailer. Alongside, one can also see the trailers from the related studio or by the same director. One can also post his/her comment on the site and give their rating to the clip. Apart from the clips from the movies, the videos of the reviews and premiers of the movie are also featured. So, one can make up his/her mind on whether to see the movie or not.

These sites save the time of the users who do not wish to see the whole film. These have good entertainment values as well since these short clips show the best parts of the film and one does not have to sit through the whole film.

One can see a numbers of trailers to do away the boredom. No doubt, the online movie trailers-den serves many a people and purposes.

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