Movie Trailers, Where Have They Gone?

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Trailers for movies are such a dynamic promotional tool but have they gone to
the wayside like extinct animals of the wild? There is certainly a lack of
current exposure to new movies via a new movie trailer today as the demand for
airtime has increased exponentially in the last ten years.

As a result, you are seeing significantly less movie clips from trailers that
allow you the opportunity to peer into the psychology of the flick altogether.
Moreover, if you have the luxury to get a quick trailer preview of any given
movie, you probably are noticing they are so brief, they are of little value.

In the eighties and nineties, movie trailers dominated a great portion of
television commercials and they were not abrupt and limited. Their
comprehensive encapsulation sucked viewers in like a 'super vac'!

In addition, there are major movies that get absolutely no trailer exposure
whatsoever and do much worst at the box office as a result! It is almost as
though major movie production studios do not account anymore for the

promotional expenditures associated with their movie's success.

Yes, word of mouth is still probably the most effective means at which movies
are advertised; it cannot be understated that this means of promotion has
been dramatically diminished.

It is simply perhaps a question of money and what television and cable stations
are asking for a one minute spot during prime time viewing hours. This
obvious escalation in price has turned many a studio advertiser off and created
more of a gamble to make a movie than ever before.

There is no doubt about it: visuals, a good voice over artist, and clips of
dialogue can take a movie promotion to a whole new level and allow for much
more effective return on investment for movie studios altogether.

However, much like anything, prices probably will not go down for potential
advertisers in the high demand television advertising market. This is truly a
shame; as the era of the more frequent movie trailers added an element of

entertainment to television viewing that nothing else could!

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