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movie preview are given you an idea of how the story would look like.

lot of time what you see in the trailer you don't see on the screen

and that because they make them separate.

usually movie preview are the most attractive part of the story so be

prepared at the time when you see this movie you well see som boring


the preview is very popular today and is rank up so fast on the web

and this is because the competition at the cinema industry in the

whole world.

if you like to go to the theatre to see cinema it very hard to stop

this hubby and that because the upcoming previews they show before

the cinema start they are very sharp and attractive and after you see

those movies trailers it's very hard to give up.

the previews of today they become available almost to everyone

including those people they don't like to go to the theatre to see

cinema and that because the power of the internet and this power is

also making impact on the cinema industry of today.

the preview may confuse you because you think this story going to be

perfect for to watch or decide this story going to be interested and

by the time you watch the screen you found out this is not the right

one and that because the preview .

sometimes those preview may make you wrong about the story you choose,

and this is like any other advertisement on the market today.

usually when i go to the theater to see movie before the movie start i

see the previews for the upcoming movies and those showtimes usually

they arrive to the theatre in 2 or 3 month so every time i go to the

theater to see different showtime i need to see those previews again

and again and by the time when those new showtimes they arrives

usually i go to see them because they stock on my head.

as the time goes by the previews of today they have more voices more

motion and they are very sharp in many aspects and is very hard to

ignore them ,

same as well the new upcoming showtimes posters they hang up on the

wall they try to deliver to you a message about the new upcoming


by looking a new previews is very hard to decide if the story is true

unless if the story was on the news but at the time i do see the

screen from the beginning to the end i do have more information about

the story that going to help me to decide if the story is real

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