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Bored? Why not play a movie-based trivia game for free? Canít decide which movie to watch? Why not ask people who have seen movies you are interested in and get their opinions on recent releases on a great website? There is actually a website that offers up to date and accurate movie reviews and movie news that you can trust. The site has been active for ten years now and has collected over two thousand movie reviews from people just like you, who have watched the movie and given their honest opinion on old movies, new movies, G-rated and x-rated movies. You can join the site for free and play games based on movies, join in debates and discussions about movies, read movie reviews, watch previews, read movie news and watch movie trailers to your heartís content.

We lead such busy lives that when we are able to take a break and watch a movie we often have no idea what we want to watch. Or you may have heard people at work talking about a particular movie that sounded really good, but you canít remember the name, now you can look it up easily. If you have children, the last thing you want to do is get the wrong movie and then not be able to watch it because itís not what you want your kids to watch for fear of content thatís too adult or too graphic for them. Of course you could just watch another cartoon, but how many times can you watch that same one before you want to pull your hair out? Going to the most extensive site with movie reviews and movie news is the answer, especially when itís free!

This site has everything you need to know when it comes to movies. Accurate movie reviews are hard to find on the internet unless you know where to look. Trying to find real movie news thatís dependably accurate is almost impossible. According to some accounts you read everyone is pregnant or cheating or even abducted by aliens and you simply canít believe what you read. If you find an accurate site, like Movie Vault you can find real movie news and videos taken by the site developers. They have videos of movie stars from such red carpet events like movie premiers and awards ceremonies. If the site developers have it on video and they have the access to the stars themselves you know their movie news is accurate. Thanks to them, there is no need to waste time and money on inaccuracies and lies.

Just as you canít judge a book by its cover you canít judge a movie by its title. When you can join a site for free and enjoy games, brain teasers, trivia and test your knowledge with the best in the business, why would you go anywhere else? The movie ratings system is not as dependable as we would like it to be and we know our kids better than the people who are creating these ratings. If we can watch the actual previews on the site and read the movie reviews we can make a much better determination as to what we allow our kids to watch.

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You simply must visit this site! Go online to Movie Vault and check their extensive Movie News and Movie Reviews . Donít forget to visit the game section while youíre there!

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