Movie Review: Godzilla - 1998

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One great movie genre that has seemingly been around since the beginning of movies is the monster disaster movie. This involves a giant monster who would wreak havoc on a poor city. One of the most famous monsters of all time, is of course, Godzilla. There have been several remakes of this classic film. In this article I'll be talking about a recent remake starring Mathew Broderick. By the time you finish reading this article, you'll know exactly why you need to see this movie.

Our tale begins simply enough, with some random events around the world that don't seem connected. Homage is paid to the Japanese original, as we see a Japanese fishing boat which has encountered some strange sea creature. A near catatonic from fear fisherman identifies the sea creature as Godzilla. We later see a giant foot print, where a scientist, played by Broderick is called in to investigate. It doesn't take long to figure out that Godzilla is heading for New York. And that means trouble.

When the experts get together, it is the usual battle between the scientists, who want to study the monster, and the military. The scientists want to research, collect data. It's not every day you have the opportunity to find out more about a new species that was previously unknown. Significantly if it towers higher than most buildings. Since the monster is obviously a threat to national security, the military simply wants to kill it. As this is a monster disaster movie, the military naturally wins and sets out to destroy the monster before he reaches New York.

Enter the enigmatic scientist from France, played by Jean Reno. Keeping with the metaphorical symbolism of the original, the monster was indeed created by nuclear radiation. And since France is the only country who has been recently conducting nuclear tests, we get a French agent who supposedly has inside information on how to properly kill the seemingly un killable monster.

The first disastrous revelation we find is that the monster is headed straight for Madison Square Garden. This of course, is the worst possible scenario, as the Garden is filled with people. They must evacuate them immediately, and kill the monster before he gets there. The question remains as to why he is heading for the garden in the first place.

What we find out is just as unsettling. The monster is actually a hermaphrodite, "it" is both a he and a she. The monster is heading to the Garden so it can lay eggs. Lots of eggs. And it's no mystery what will come from these eggs: More city destroying monsters. So the scientists and the military must race against time to destroy the monster and its eggs before its too late. As an added bonus, the soundtrack for this spectacular movie includes a stunning remake of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir," by P Diddy.


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