Movie Review: Doomsday

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If you love futuristic disaster movies that quickly morph into Lord of Rings style horseback chases, only to morph back into modern day car chase scenes, then "Doomsday," directed by Neil Marshal is the flick for you. This movie starts out of the gate with fantastic action, and doesn't let up until the shockingly satisfying final scene. Prepare to be pleasantly thrilled with this fantastic visual feast, and make sure to have plenty of popcorn on hand, because "Doomsday" will without question be the ride of your life.

Our tale starts out in futuristic England. A disease has swept the planet and has wiped out most of the poor inhabitants. England, however has managed to survive, due to its strict control of the flow of people in and out of the city. Previous to the time period in which the movie takes place Northern England has been completely walled of, and it's inhabitants left to die.

But then some secret military satellite photos show small pockets of what appears to be humans living north of the wall. It is believed that there is a highly regarded scientist that is living among them. The government concludes that if they are indeed still alive, then the scientist has likely devised a cure, or a vaccine. Of course, the want the vaccine for their own evil political purposes.

They call on a very talented special agent, and charge her with commanding a group of skilled commandos to go north of the wall, and find and bring back the cure. This leads them to stunning adventure, and they find a society that has disintegrated beyond the realm of normal law.

First they find a group of Mad Max like people who enjoy a good human barbecue for entertainment. This is run by some crazy guy who has ties to this mythical scientist our group is after. After losing a couple of members to these cannibalistic savages, our group presses on toward where they think the doctor is.

What they discover next is as different from the Mad Max thugs as you'd expect. They are shocked to find that the scientist has set up a medieval kingdom, with him as the king. When the uncover the real source of the vaccine, the have no choice but to race against time in order to get it home in time. But while they are busily trying to stay alive and find the cure, the politicians in London are busy dealing with another outbreak, and using all their political might and connections in order to position themselves to receive the most power. In rare combination of every futuristic/horror/Mad Max style movie you can think of, this movie over delivers with shockingly fantastic entertainment.


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