Motorola Olympus The World's Most Powerful Phone Unveiled in the New Year

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If one is to go by the manner in which the new year 2011 has begun, it is bound to prove to be a tremendous year for the mobile phones industry. What with one powerful smartphone coming after the other. Motorola also is not wanting to be left behind in this race that has begun rather well. We are here referring to its eagerly awaited Motorola Olympus smartphone handset. The Motorola Olympus is actually none other than the greatly talked about Motorola Atrix. The Olympus name, in fact, was a previously leaked name that somehow got entrenched into the imagination of the buying customer as well as the industry experts alike.

The beginning of the New Year saw the world getting a first look at the gleaming new Motorola Atrix at the CE 2011. At this technology event, it was also learnt that this new wonder from Motorola will soon start selling in the mobile phone market place in UK through the leading network service provider Orange. This means good news for all Motorola fans. They can now look forward to getting to buy the new Motorola Atrix or Olympus as the name may be confirmed in the UK mobile phone market place through good value for money Motorola Apex contracts and other Motorola Olympus deals including SIM free deals and the pay as you go mobile phone offers.

Motorola has claimed that the new Motorola Olympus Deals or Apex is the “the world’s most powerful smartphone”, And they claim is not at all idle as this new monstrous phone handset is powered along by the mighty 2 GHz horsepower dual core Tegra 2 processor. The new Motorola Apex or Olympus further flashes a good four inches wide high definition display and has the latest Android 2.2 operating system.

Motorola has also made the promise that this new wonder willtake “mobile computing to a level beyond next”. It states this tall claim on the basis of the fact that the Motorola Defy Deals or Apex will have its very own Multimedia dock that offers no less than three USB ports and a HDMI slot. And if you want stick your neck further and explore further, then you have Atrix extending an optional laptop dock that comes complete with a 11.6 inches screenThere is the full QWERTY keyboard as well with the optical trackpad.

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