Motorola Atrix leads 3rd wave of Android phones

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Over the last 4 years, Google’s Android operating system has become synonymous with providing mobile phone users an alternative to the closed and locked down interface of its rival, Apple’s iPhone and iOS. HTC, Samsung and Motorola have all embraced the fledgling platform with open arms, introducing a wide range of devices that allow users much more choice. This has made the smartphone market increasingly competitive.

These four manufacturers have also pioneered a varying array of form factors, with Motorola being ahead of the curve when it comes to evolving their devices. Motorola launched its Android strategy with the launch of the Dext back in 2009, even dabbling with some quirkier form factors unique to their line up with the Flipout. This evolution continues with the announcement of the Motorola Atrix, a hybrid ‘web-top smartphone’.

The Motorola Atrix also takes the crown for being the first dual core processor Android phones available to purchase now. The Atrix also packs a hidden feature that isn’t readily visible when holding the phone in your hand. Between its whopping 1GB of RAM and its powerful processor, Motorola have somehow managed to include a semi-full ‘web-top’ computer environment where you connect the phone to your own dock, or separately available Motorola Laptop Dock.

The ‘web-top’ environment packs a full version of the Firefox internet browser with an array of ‘web-apps’ and the killer utility of full Adobe Flash compatibility, allowing users to benefit from a full internet surfing experience.

The mobile phone also packs a powerful 5 megapixel autofocus rear- and front-facing camera into its slim body, meaning not only can you take crystal clear pictures with your phone, but you are also able to video call over your mobile phone’s network or through VOIP services such as Skype or Qik.

It also has the upperhand over its distant iPhone cousin by allowing users to install a range of different applications through Google’s Market app store, and the ability to have all of your social networks through one easily accessible widget using Motorola’s MOTOBLUR technology.

There’ll never be a slowdown moment when using the Atrix as the dual core processor leaves transitions feeling as smooth as butter, and applications opening quicker than you can click your fingers. It also provides one key feature the iPhone has yet to rival: full voice GPS navigation using Google Maps. As long as you’re able to get signal when out and about, the phone allows you to use voice guided navigation, making it a killer feature for those people looking to consolidate all of their gadgets into one.

The Atrix will surely have an easy time beating what its rivals can do, as there are only a few dual core phones on the market right now, and none that allow you to dock your phone and use it as a computer. Motorola definitely has a winner on its hands with the Atrix.

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