Motivational Posters Vs. Demotivational Posters

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Day after day, countless people all around the world continue to fork over countless hard-earned dollars to motivational speakers, life coaches, and inspirational leaders and services-what a pity. Instead of paying for extremely expensive motivational products and services and not eating for a week or two in order to pay for it, growing numbers are discovering the effective and much more convenient alternative of motivational posters, which can usually be paid for simply by opting for a small coffee in the morning instead of the Bucket-o-Joe you usually guzzle. Motivational posters are by no means a new addition the marketplace, but their popularity continues to rise as more and more people continue to enjoy poignant, cost-effective motivation made simple. However, something that is new to the marketplace is a twisted mutation of these motivational pictures, delivering warped fun in the name of demotivational posters. What the heck are these? Let's dig down and compare motivational posters vs. demotivational posters.

What are motivational posters?

These posters, sometimes referred to as inspirational posters, feature an extremely wide range of pictures which are frequently paired with an insightful caption, words of wisdom, famous quotes from major figures throughout the world's history, and even some with a single title or word emblazoned on the poster.

Think it's silly that a piece of paper could motivate people to do great things? What about a hundred dollar bill? Now that's a piece of paper with the power to motivate. These motivating posters usually display bold, strong, and majestic imagery that naturally transfers a feeling of empowerment to their viewers. And it has also been found that there is a great deal of potential through visualization and associating one's goals with specific images. These posters enable viewers to tap into the power of visualizing their goals.

What are demotivational posters?

Essentially, you can sum up these types of posters as visual guides that remind you of exactly what not to do in life. These include hilarious images that capture some of history's most epic and disastrous fails, dumbfounding displays that show what it looks like when an extremely dim light bulb goes on over a quarter of a brain, animals and pets caught doing the things we only wish we had the guts to attempt, and much more. So, instead of wondering what it would be like to actually do some of the idiotic and insane things that you and your friends might dream up and believe to actually be brilliant, you can avoid massive embarrassment and possibly even jail time by living vicariously through these posters. The best of these posters should demotivate and snuff out any lingering motivation you might have for doing something that would land you in the Hall of Famous Idiots.

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