Motivating Kids When Moving House

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Moving can be a really stressful event in life for adults, but it can be even more problematic for kids. Most children donít accept change readily. They have concerns about moving away from their friends, their school and even the home that they have become accustomed to living in.
Parenting help advisors believe that it is normal for kids to balk at the idea of moving. This is because they are afraid of the new situation that they will face. You probably have apprehensions as well. If your child-parent relationship has been open and is strong, you can make this move much easier for your children.
Discuss, Donít Debate
Once you decide that you and your family must move, itís best that you inform your children about it. It would be awful for them to learn about it from another family member, a neighbor or a friend. You simply must tell the children as soon as youíve made your decision to move, and when the move will be occurring.
During the discussion, your children might argue and debate with you. You must accept being a parent and tell them that this is what is going to happen, and why. You should explain that there is no room for debating, as you have made your decision. It would be wise to let the children voice their concerns, but parenting help experts strongly advise that you stand your ground and let the kids know that this is what is going to happen.

Include Your Kids in the Plans
Once you have explained that the move will definitely happen, you will need to include them in the relocation plans. The best parenting help tips suggest that by doing this, you are inspiring children to give their own ideas for the move. This is the best way to allow the children to have input, and enhance the child-parent relationship. Being a parent is easier once you realize that parenting help articles can enhance the way that you relate to your children.
It is a good idea to ask your children what their perfect bedroom would look like, or what they think the ideal backyard would include. These things make them think about the move as an improvement for their lives as opposed to losing the things that they have right now. Your child- parent relationship will benefit from this discussion and this is a great way of motivating kids.
Chase Your Dream
Sometimes being a parent who can make tough decisions will create rebellion in your children. This is quite normal in every child-parent relationship. Parenting help counselors believe that showing that you are the person in charge will help diffuse any problems. Be strong enough to tell your children that this is what is best at the time that you make the decisions. Being a parent who is strong and can take charge will make this transition a lot easier for the kids.

Itís important that you talk to your children about their feelings regarding the move. They are a person and he or she needs to express their feelings, especially if they are apprehensive and afraid of leaving their friends and school. Just talking and recognizing that the child has concerns can eliminate rebellion and improve the child-parent relationship.
Build Up Excitement
A move should be an exciting thing. You can help motivate your child and get your kids anticipation built up. Talking about decorating their new rooms or installing a jungle gym in the yard can fire them up. Looking at pictures of their new school and neighborhood can help the kids want to experience their new life.

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