Motion Sensor Fever For Game Consoles

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Top game console manufacturers, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, are racing against each other to release a game that will surely rock the holiday season. For the past few months, these three companies have released a list of impressive games and accessories that will surely make our gaming much more memorable and fun.

For Microsoft, their top-seller Halo is expected to hit the top shelves this season. Aside from Halo another game that will surely be a big hit for people this season is the Kinect Sports, which was released this November 2010. Kinect Sports is aiming for the market of Nintendo Wii the casual and fitness conscious people. Kinect allows the gamers to play games without holding a controller, and the movements of the in-game character depend on the movements of the gamer.

Catching up with the trend, Sony has released yet another motion sensor controller called Move. This feature has a built-in camera that further improves that motion sensors allowing the console to accurately capture the movements and gestures of the player. Although Sony Move had received impressive reviews for the past days, there is a problem with this new accessory, it lacks games. What will you do with these advanced accessories if you cannot play many games while using it? This is one of the things that Sony needs to focus on before the holiday season.

One thing is for sure, Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit still remains a top competitor for motion sensing games. Since, they were the first to release its kind; many game developers have already created games exclusively for Wii. However, Nintendo should not be too confident with their lead, because the advance features of Microsoft Kinect and Sony Move remains a huge threat for Nintendo and should not be taken for granted. This will be an exciting season for gamers, because they will be spoiled with high-end features as these companies battle for the top spot.

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