Mothers have often been the power, strength and shield of each child

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Mother is just being in this planet who have the right to give birth to new life after the all-powerful almighty.

Mothers have often been the power, strength and shield of each child. Mothers are the only people on the planet, known as the land, which have the mechanism to give birth to their baby, giving them only food, milk, they can intake after birth. Breast milk is the only food that babies can intake and the mother has the mechanism of production of baby food within the right of their body. Hats off to the genius sitting in the sky who created such a wonderful mechanism.

Mildred B. Vermont in his famous quotes mothers wrote that the work of the mother is staying hire full-time employment when the payment of wages than love. Regarding mothers quotes, famous Rajneesh said that the birth took place immediately, along with the creation of motherhood was also held. Great Abraham Lincoln regarding mothers quote once said he always remembered his mother's prayer for her towards him and throughout his life he never forgot it. The heart of a mother is full of feelings, from which we can always obtain pardon, "said Honore de Balzac quotes his mother. The great Aristotle, countered that the city mothers mothers are more attached to their children because it is certain that children are his, a father who can not feel like the mother.

Position of the mother is very special in his heart, which arouses an emotion of any mother's name is spoken or mentioned. People like to write poems or poems mothers about things that they see the root cause of their heart. Relations between mother and child is this kind of association which attracts another magnet that attracts the opposite pole as close to him. Feelings for mothers are something different and it's place in his heart in a very special penetrates deep into the heart. This poem is what kind of tools that allows to express the feelings of the heart and that's why countless poets write poems about things they see in the surroundings where they live or on various issues abstract whose presence can be felt, but they are not directly visible by eye. These questions are totally different perspective and they can be felt only by heart, but can not be touched or handle for everyday use.

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