Mothers Day Flowers Aren't Just For Mothers - A Great Reason to Remember Those Close to You

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Anna Jarvis began a campaign for an official Mother's Day when her own mother died. It was Anna who first used the carnation as a symbol to honor Mothers. President Woodrow Wilson made Mother's Day a national holiday in 1914. Ninety six years of tradition only emphasize the fact that mothers deserve to be honored for their lifelong commitment to their children, and to other children who are a part of their lives also.

Mothers get a lot of attention at this time of year, which leaves a significant portion of those women out who can't or chose not to have children, but are special aunts, sisters, adopted mothers, and friends to children, so this time let's recognize all mothers in whatever meaning that word creates for you. When you Think of Mother's Day try to remember other special women in your life too. Whether you choose from Gift Baskets for her, flower delivery services or Mother's Day gifts, give yourself a moment to consider who else you may want to remember. I had that experience at a young age and it was significant. I'll share it with you to emphasize my point. We were born in a small coastal town and lived next to a couple we knew as, "Mr. and Mrs. Baker." Alice and her husband, Harold, didn't have any of their own children, but they participated in our lives until they passed away. My earliest memories of the Bakers were of the way they buttered their toast and then added strawberry or blackberry jam. It fascinated me the way each piece of toast was prepared with such care and deliberate efforts to spread the jam to the very edges of the toast, then each piece was cut so precisely in triangles and served on a small butter plate and eaten while they held their pinky's in the air. As a small child, I could watch them eat toast for hours. They became our adopted grandparents. Mrs. Baker kept a small box of children's toys for us when we came over. She filled it with coloring books, colors, pens, pencils and puzzles. It was a small box and you would think that we would tire of its contents after awhile, but that just wasn't so. Mom had a hard time keeping us from going visiting these two very special and magical people who we knew as neighbors, friends role models and adopted grandparents. Their walls and refrigerator were full of the pictures and drawings we made for them growing up. It was Mrs. Baker who helped me make my very first Mother's Day gift for my mom.

It was a difficult time. I was five years old and I knew that there was a big and important holiday for mommy's coming up and I didn't have any pop can money to buy my mom a gift because I had used it all for candy instead. To make it worse, I had eaten the candy. My brother brought his hand made gift home from school. Oh, the guilt! No amount of consoling was going to make me feel ANY better so I went over to see Mrs. Baker and as I stood on her front porch with tears running down my fat little cheeks I blubbered to her in my childish small voice that I had no money and no gift for my mom on Mother's Day. After awhile she made sense out of my distress and tear soaked mumblings and brought me inside their house where she sat me down in a chair much too big for me and quietly and patiently explained to me that I could take one of the pictures out of one of the coloring books she had, color it and give it to my mom. So that is what we did that afternoon together. Once the picture was colored, she helped me write my name on the picture and then found a piece of glass and taped the glass edges with some brown electrical tape, and she gave me a violet tulip out of her garden to add to my picture. As I walked away from her house that afternoon, proud as any little girl could be, I knew that I had made one person feel good and left one feeling bad. It was the way she looked at me as I left her house that is still hard to forget.

So, take a moment to remember that one - or several people who were significant in your life and let them know on Mother's Day how special they are or were to you. It only takes a second to remember, but it takes a lifetime to forget.

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