Most Successful Mobile Marketing Campaigns Ever

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Some mobile marketing campaigns are by far more successful than others. There are various dynamics in the game; product, presentation, interactivity, and management. But the powerful impact of these particular promotion cases was because of well utilized mobile marketing strategies. The entire market research and delivery process of these campaigns were so perfect and well received by the masses, that success came naturally.

It’s no easy job getting success with phone promotion. In fact, mobile marketing is perhaps the most difficult field of advertising and publicity. If people do not receive your branding message in the right view, it could be publicity disaster! Your brand may end up with a very bad reputation indeed. You can relate to this when annoying text messages and pop ups keep irritating you while you are using your device. So what was different about these special cases? About everything! Here are the winners:

Nike: The Times Square billboard and mobile promotion from Nike was the biggest phone promotion hit ever. It involved people texting in their desired models and designs, where the winning designs would get a free pair of IDs. The result, Nike gave away 3000 pairs of new shoes, but earned both publicity and gauged the market requirements. They had hundreds of new designs to work with and received a great buzz from people about their brand!

Dove: Using elderly models is one thing, using them on mobile campaigns in yet another! Dove had great success with their ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’ when five elderly models were up on the billboard and passersby could rate them between ‘wrinkled’ and ‘wonderful’ in five grades. The results of the poll were set out live on the flicker – a huge success!

Pontiac G6: When the camera phone G6 was launched by Pontiac, it asked people to click photos of G6s on the streets and thus enter a $ 1,000,000 draw! Well, with a million dollars at stake, people were hunting and buying G6s like crazy! Pontiac sales soared well above the competition (and the prize money many times over) within weeks.

American Express: When this all too well recognized banking giant sponsored the Wimbledon, a billboard boldly advertised that people could get free tickets for the next day if they could correctly predict the winner of that day. Texts about the Wimbledon went viral and the company received more responses than ever expected. People messaged all 14 days, and the tickets kept coming to the winners!

Axe: The deodorant cosmetics brand used some of the best mobile marketing strategies and kept gaining success with phone marketing. They had special ringtones, customized voice call messages, wake up calls, and what not! Plenty of males (and females) found Axe! phone promotions most exciting.

These were the top phone promotion campaigns to ever hit the market. Some of these greatly helped the companies brand certain goods or their brand USPs to a large number of consumers. Simple and yet intricate, digital marketing can be effectively used for branding, you just have to be innovative.

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