Most Popular Hair Styling Tools

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Hair styling process is easily accomplished by using a variety of tools and appliances. If you would like to style your hair, it is probably a good idea to know the latest gadgets and tools in hairstyling. Following is a list of top 5 most popular hair equipments that can be found in the market today. 

1. Flat irons 

One of the latest trends in hair styling, Flat irons are one of the most popular pieces of hair equipment of today. They are become an essential tool in hairstyling to achieve particular popular hairstyles. The devices are perfect for creating super sleek, ultra straight hairstyles.  

Flat irons are available in a wide variety of types, styles and features. Ceramic and tourmaline models are ideal for creating healthy and beautiful straight hair without doing any damages to your tresses. 

2. Curling irons 

Similar to flat irons, this tool also makes use of heat to create curls, coils or waves in your hair. From the tiny barrels that produce tight curls to the larger ones that create big soft spirals, you have lots of choices on curling irons. 

3. Blow Dryer 

This tool is a vital part in the hair styling industry. Main purpose of this device is to dry the hair quickly. It distributes heat evenly to give a gentler flow.  

4. Hair Shears 

Pair of scissors that can slice, trim, and produce all kinds of hair styles and cuts is very necessary. It is one of the items that does not use of heat or electrical power. These features make the hair shears perhaps the most popular classic hair styling equipment. 

5. Brushes and Combs  

Brushes and combs are the final items on this countdown. There are different types of combs and brushes such as small-toothed combs, wide-toothed combs, round or curved brush, bristled brush, vented brush and paddle brush.

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