Most people do not have any idea about what is possible with going green, and we really are talking

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Recently the concept of living green has become a very well-known topic in the media. Industries that are dedicated to environmentally safe products can provide new jobs and develop new energy natural resources to replace fossil fuels. However, what becomes successful or not in the brand-new Green Economy will be driven by consumers. So at this stage it'd be good to consider this question: "Why do people go green"?

I sometimes question myself this question and visualize why people do this. I realized that one of the key factors for many people to live green is to protect the environment. Perhaps an alternative possibility is that there are consumers who love the cutting edge of new green technologies. Another cause is that people want to save money, despite the preliminary high cost of going green.

Despite what seem like common sense answers, the truth is quite different as outlined by a Wall Street Journal article. They declare that the biggest inspiring factor for people becoming green is simply peer pressure. That's all there is, merely simple peer pressure.

An experiment was executed where two placards were put in the hotel restrooms. Both placards encouraged guests to reuse the shower towels instead of having it sent for cleaning. On one of the placards it said "Show your admiration for the natural world". The other one said "Join your fellow attendees in helping to save the environment". The final result was 75% of the guests did reuse the towel rather than having it cleaned the following day. As you will have guessed, most people reused their towels when looking at the second placard that mentioned their fellow guests were doing it as well. In a follow up experiment, the second card was adjusted to read "75% of guests utilizing this room reused their towels". This sign made far more people reuse their particular towels.

We trust that what you've observed so far relating to green living, as well as also the particular info about going green, is going to be useful to you personally. Now continue on some more to get supplemental ideas related to this subject matter.

Peer pressure works very well in this setting just like other things in life. Telling most people that others are carrying out something rather than just simply telling them to save the planet is more effective at getting people to be green.

The study and its effects give good insight on precisely how companies should approach their selling efforts. Peer pressure invokes a sense of guilt in people to a point that everyday people will take action. For that reason these companies must make people really feel somewhat guilty to try and sell their services. No doubt they'll use sales strategies like in the research.

I was really suprised at just what the results of the study confirmed. But, when you really think about it, it's not suprising at all. I guess individuals psychologically conform to what others do because it may be less difficult or we simply don't want to be known as different.

So that's the real reason folks would like to go green. Regardless of all the reasons of saving the planet, it's good old peer pressure that would cause people to transform.

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