Most experts in cosmetic surgery consider that laser hair removal is safe

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In 1995, when laser skin treatments were approved by the FDA, the actual procedure wasn't even on the map and estimated 110,000 treatments were preformed in 1998 in the US. Last year there were over 1.4 million laser hair removal procedures were done according to a study done at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in NYC.

This booming business, does not come without risk to the hundreds of thousands of peoples that are flocking to receive laser skin treatments and laser hair removal. Most of laser hair removal treatments complications have occurred as a result of individuals undertaking the procedure at home, with "at-home laser hair removal" products without the supervision of a professional or a doctor. Many of these complications have been a result of excess gel or cream administered to the problem area, or adjusting the setting on the laser hair removal equipment to a higher level than needed.

There has been some complications reported due to the numbing cream that is used as a local anesthetic before, during and after the procedure takes place.

Most experts in cosmetic surgery consider that laser hair removal is safe, and it s the second most common procedure, behind Botox injections, and when administered by a licensed medical professional or nurse practioncers the procedure becomes less of a risk factor.

Demand for laser hair removal is increasing that is reported that even in a small market such as Cleveland there are 25 companies that are now offering laser hair removal. So, wherever you are, it's important to research as many medical spas, laser skin treatment centers, and medical practices as possible, visiting as many as time permits and making sound decisions based on comfort level and price.

Some of the rare but serious side effects that may occur, is skin darkening in lighter skinned individuals and skin lightening in darker skinned individuals. Even rarer, are reports of scarring due to blisters and burns on the skin from a laser whose settings were not properly calibrated. Some individuals have also complained about changes in skin texture, which could have been avoided by inexperienced staff administrating the procedure, uncalibarated equipment, excess or lack off numbing cream on area of skin.

With the growing number of procedures performed in the United States, it's estimated the industry will become a $7-9 Billion dollar industry by 2009, and with those kinds of numbers at stake you can be assured that there are going to be many unqualified organizations, companies and hacks that are going to put profits before their patients and will look to either under treat or misinform and execute faulty procedures. Do your due diligence, do your research and make sound aseptic enhancing decisions.

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