Morning Coffee with my Husband

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Every morning my husband and I set out on the patio and drink our coffee. We live outside the city on two acres. It was a very pleasant morning; the wind was very light which made a pleasant morning to set outside. As normal we watched the rabbits play with each other, there was three jumping around and playing.

We noticed a couple of humming birds flying around the plants on the patio. We don't often see the humming birds in the morning. We do have various birds we watch every morning. We are learning the types of birds we see. We like looking at them through our binoculars. I thought the humming birds were a little special treat for us to see that morning. We sat there watching and laughing at the rabbits jumping over each other.

Then all of a sudden I noticed from the left side of my eye the most beautiful big deer I had ever seen. I told Ben not to move there was a dear about 100 yards to his left, of course he looked. He said it was a buck, it had big beautiful antlers. Ben said it looked like a deer from an exotic ranch.

I quietly got up and stepped towards the door to get my camera to take a picture. This was the most beautiful animal I think I had ever seen here in my very own yard. I came back out the door being as quiet as I think I had ever been. The deer was still standing there. I set back down at the table and just watched for a few minutes. I thought to myself, this is such a beautiful buck how lucky we are to see it this morning.

When I reached my camera up to take the picture the deer ran back into the woods. Oh my goodness I said, did you see that? Ben and I sat there and just went on and on about the deer as we sipped our coffee. I was so full of joy after that. We have the rabbits playing the humming birds flying around us and the most beautiful deer all right here in our very own yard.

I couldn't help but to feel so happy so full of joy. It brought tears to my eyes as I sat there just thinking how lucky I was to be in this great life of mind. I sat here with my great husband in this great yard full of all kinds of Gods creations. It was such a prefect morning. I went all day with this feeling inside me of pure happiness.

I even went to Home Depot and bought a humming bird feeder. I put it out this afternoon; I sure hope it brings back the humming birds in the morning. I really hope the deer comes back; I'll be ready with my camera…just in case.

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