More Than 70 Million People Are Seeking Methods For Preventing Hair Loss

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Thirty million women and 40 million men are looking for methods for preventing hair loss. This is a large amount of people who are experiencing the loss of their hair. The numbers will most likely continue to increase. The sad part is these numbers could be drastically reduced if people would do some research and find out why they are losing their hair.

This is vital as soon as the first signs of excessive hair loss are noticed. The longer you wait can make a difference between repairing damage to hair or not. When the hair follicles have been damaged to the point of not being able to regrow hair, the only option is hair replacement surgery. One other option is just accepting the fact that you have lost your hair.

Natural ingredients are not going to work if you have already lost most of your hair. This is why it is essential to find out as much as possible at the onset. The good news is there are this many people looking for natural ways of replacing the hair they have lost. They just have to realize that every product that comes along offering to regrow hair is not going to work.

When it comes to the numbers, one great aspect is the number of women looking for methods for preventing hair loss. In the not so distant past, women did not speak up about the loss of their hair. They suffered in silence, wearing wigs and scarves and hoped no one would notice. The loss of their hair made them feel as if they were losing their femininity as well.

Today they are speaking up and seeking answers to their hair loss. Although this does not affect them as often as it does men, the problem still exists. The reasons for hair loss can vary by the person and circumstances. Often the result of hormonal imbalances or an improper diet, the loss is nonetheless very disturbing.

This is the reason it is extremely important to find out what is causing your loss of hair before trying to treat the loss. Of these 70 million people who are looking for answers, many will try several treatments that do not work. The advertisements that bombard us are much too easy to listen to when it comes to this sensitive issue. There are many that promise to help restore the hair you have lost, but how many of these really work?

One of the main reasons for losing hair is the hormonal changes the body is going through. A result of aging or even menopause can cause the loss of hair. When the body makes too much testosterone, a by-product of this hormone called DHT is generated. DHT can attach itself to hair follicles and deprive them of the nutrients they need to grow.

The end result is the hair follicles begin to shrink and people begin to lose their hair. The follicles can become so damaged that they can no longer re-grow hair.


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