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A Mentalist is a person who performs an art called ‘Mentalism’. This form of art requires the perpetrator to use their mental sharpness based on the principles of magic to give an illusion of his intuitive capabilities. This art form includes telepathic abilities such as mind control, psychokinetic, precognition, hypnosis, spirituality and mystical studies. This art form is in practice since olden times.

Different Forms of Acts Performed by the Mentalists’
The Mentalist uses many different forms of magic to give an exemplary effect to their shows. While mind reading and mind controlling are the most common acts used by the Mentalist there are also acts like divination, hypnosis’ and other psychokinetic acts which are quiet popular. There are also various tricks like the book and the card trick, wherein the audiences are asked to choose from a variety of books given to them and memorize the page number and a particular word on that given page and the Mentalist will attempt to read the mind of the person chosen from the audiences and find the word selected by the person.

Psychokinetic is also another popular form of Mentalism wherein the Mentalist will make the objects move or disfigured with many popular acts like bending a metal spoon etc., are done during the display of the psychokinetic act.

Hypnosis is another mind controlling acts performed by the Mentalist. In this act the person performing the act needs to the get the attention of the volunteer or the person being hypnotized. At this point getting the attention of the participant is not only important, it is also equally important to maintain this state. Once this is achieved the mentalists can proceed with the act.

Apart from these Styles of presenting the performers can also mold in the realism to get hold of supernatural powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, or telekinesis. This diverse and contemporary array of performers put down less mysterious ability, such as the skills to study body language or to influence the area under discussion subliminally by virtue of spiritual submission.

Many magicians now use the techniques used by the mentalists together with the other techniques like hypnosis. In the past, mentalists used their skills for their own benefit, more than using it as a real entertainer. They proclaimed that they in reality had mystical abilities. Modern and contemporary performers mostly state openly that their abilities come from being able to perfectly the read body language of the volunteers. Thus their skills are publicized as a performance. On the other hand, some mentalists still maintain that they have these supernatural powers.

Many claim that ‘Mentalism’ is an act which is similar to magic as the acts, skillful tricks, deception, artifice and key principles used during both the performances are quite similar. However there is a very thin line drawn between these two acts and each has its own importance. And each has the ability to keep its audiences mesmerized in an enchanted state.

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