More Accurate Filling with Weight-Based Liquids Measuring

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Reliable filling technology is important across many industries, but it is critical in dairy and beverage. Using weight to measure liquid materials, volume-affecting factors like consistency, temperature expansion and frothing do not affect accuracy. Costly overfills are avoided.
Protecting Profits
Darmstadt-based Döhler Group, a leading producer of drink, dairy and ice cream ingredients with production facilities in Europe, Asia and America, has implemented the use of weight-based overfill meters to protect profits.
After careful review, Dohler determined that eliminating variances caused by consistency, conductivity, temperature, frothing and bubble generation could reduce their materials costs and ensure more accurate blend and concentrate formulations.
Their research paid off. Dohler’s switch to weight-based meters has virtually eliminated overfills. Accurate production values help Dohler safeguard appreciable investments in raw fruit, dairy and other ingredients. It also allows them to create the kind of consistent product their manufacturing partners and today’s discerning consumer demand.

System Flexibility, Easy Automation
Ideally, any terminal chosen to automate weighing and filling should be fully verifiable and able to communicate with PLCs such as Profibus®. Dohler chose METTLER TOLEDO based on the way the flexible IND690fill weighing software could be integrated into their Siemens SIMATIC S7 control system. In fact, the flexibility of the IND690fill made Dohler’s decision to go with weight-based overflow meters possible.
With the IND690fill, control signals are automatically sent to conveying systems and dosing valves. The system’s easy automation has helped Döhler reduce downtime as well as the error potential inherent in manual intervention and processing.
A low-maintenance weighing platform also figures into their plan. The custom METTLER TOLEDO platform Döhler employs withstands wet environments and high-pressure cleaning. Plus, machine sensors never contact substances being weighed, so abrasion and corrosion resulting from direct chemical contact is avoided. This helps boost the service life of their entire system.

Weighing an Industry Trend
Döhler participates in an array of beverage-related business activities including trend monitoring, grey goods management and innovative product development. Consultancy in areas such as microbiology, food law, sensory science, filling/packaging technology and mixing plant design also occur along their business continuum.
Because of this wide range of business activities, Döhler has shown a strong ability to capitalize on trends across Europe and America. And with consumers around the world demanding more variety in dietary choices, Döhler’s need for reliable manufacturing solutions grows even more critical.
With its recent decision to employ weight-based overflow meters and scales for its heavy-duty ingredient management applications, Döhler has deemed that a trend towards weighing technology for beverage production is going to continue. Solutions like the IND690fill are helping them capitalize on it.
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Balances for Unique Uses
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