Modern War Movies - A Double Edged Sword?

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The state of the world today is nothing short of tense and making any light of
current wars our countries are involved with, is seemingly walking a fine line.
War movies have been around for nearly a century, yet, when each of them are
made, they are sort of thematically intertwined around a specific conflict.

It is no secret that every war has it's own specific reasoning at the time
however, attempting to create a war movie inside the same time frame as the
actual war, is risky and can be perceived very negatively.

Therefore, are modern war movies much like a double edged sword? Certainly, but
for what primary reasons? Well, for one, interpretation can be somewhat divided
in that many viewers see the conflict one way while the movie is portraying it
totally different.

Another: is a slight political edge that these films can be associated with
whereby blame for current government decisions can be inferred throughout the
course of the flick.

Consequentially, these 'hot stove' films can be littered with skewed facts that
are born strictly out of entertainment purposes and not factual evidence. One
of the potentially problematic scenarios is iraq war movies.

Since this conflict is still active, the creation of films associated with this
is like 'hot buttons' dawning the silver screen! Sure, the war movies sometimes
do well at the box office, but it's many times like throwing caution at the wind
and can be a gamble at the very least.

It stands to reason that every good war movie should be told in the most honest
of light and should be as accurate as possible in all of it's accounts.
However, many people involved in past conflicts argue that these films are
anything but accurate and depict falsifications and too much fiction.

Nonetheless, these films can be extremely entertaining but 'push the envelope'
in many capacities and this tends to be their major flaw. If your looking for
a good conflict movie, investigate via good reviewers prior to viewing or you
just may find yourself regretting the time spent altogether!

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