Modern oil paintings

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Usually oil paintings adorn spaces in places like homes, offices, art museums etc. These paintings not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area but also inspire artistic feelings of people. Nowadays modern oil paintings have become very popular. Created by talented artists these look very beautiful. Though modern oil paintings have been developed by artists of today yet oil paintings have been there since ages. Great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvador Dali etc had played a pivotal role in popularizing oil paintings. Artists apply different techniques while painting oil paintings.

If you are interested in art and would like to try your hand in modern oil paintings you can start off with some simple steps. The first step is to decide about the subject/object that you would like to paint. Before you start to paint it is important that you plan about the visual. Your planning would ensure that the idea that you have in your mind becomes a reality. As such modern oil paintings require a good amount of planning. Pick up your painting brush only after you have analyzed properly about the subject and its relevant details. Next gather all the necessary materials like pencil, oil, charcoal etc for your painting. Previous experience in painting can help you in this regard. You can begin by making sketches. Arranging the tonal values is important because tonal values act as the core of your painting. Incorporating oil sketches in modern oil paintings enhances the appeal and allows you to find an appropriate color scheme for a harmonious effect.

After the Second World War another form of painting evolved which was known as contemporary oil paintings. Contemporary oil paintings have different styles and movements and vary accordingly. This form of art reached its zenith during the contemporary era (1950-1960). There were many schools of art during that time which helped develop this form of art.

Contemporary oil paintings owe its popularity to some great artists like Andy Warhol, Robert Lichtenstein, Jackson Pollock etc. With the advent of modern art in the 60's contemporary art was blended with the same resulting in the merger of traditional art and mainstream art to create new contemporary styles. These new styles became immensely popular. modern oil paintings underwent further changes after 1970 when new technology was added to contemporary art. However this form of art has thrived in its original form till today irrespective of technological additions.

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