Modern Hairstyles Trends – Emo Style

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Hairstyles, like every other fashion movement, are influenced by earlier styles. Many haircuts that we see today are taken from the styles of the earlier decades in our century and then updated to reflect the modern trends. You will see many styles today which have connections to the 40s, 50s and 60s styles. The great thing about hair trends is that people can put their own spin on them and make them unique, despite being based on existing or past styles.

One of the most popular variety of styles at the moment is the emo hairstyles. The word emo means different things to different people and there are many different styles that fit into this bracket. For some people it represent rock music, for others it is purely a fashion trend. The emo style is particularly popular amongst teenagers.

So which hair styles fit into the emo bracket?
The Mohawk is a particularly popular hairstyle and is considered extremely fashionable at the moment for girls with short hair. This style can be achieved by either having it cut into a Mohawk shape, or by styling it into shape by using gel.

Many girls go for a multi-coloured emo hairstyle, which is one of the latest fashion statements. This involves using various colours to highlight areas of the hair, predominantly red and black are used. This is particularly effective with short to medium hair.

For people who don't want to devote the time to maintain a Mohawk or multicoloured hairstyle, straight and short emo styles are also increasingly popular. This involves cutting your hair short and spiking the ends.

To summarise, the emo style allows you to express individuality and is a style that enables you to personalise your look by adding your own special touches. The emo theme often includes common features such as the off-center look, bright colours, and can even include sections of your hair being contrasting lengths.

To create your own emo style try combining some of the above styles until you have found the look that expresses your own individuality. This can be achieved by using the latest professional hair products at Gorgeous Locks. Gorgeous Locks is an online boutique providing professional beauty products, hair care supplies and girls hair accessories at the fantastic prices.

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