Mobility Takes the Lead in VoIP

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Gone are the days when you required internet connection and a piece of equipment for using VoIP. Mobility rules the world today and we need to compete with the changing pace of the times. Today, it is possible to stay in touch with your loved ones in an economical way. When prices reach the sky, it is wiser to save as much as possible. Taking this into consideration, it is important to make the bills cost efficient as well as provide the freedom of mobility. Mobile VoIP is one such application.

Mobile VoIP Software comes with a new version 2.03 giving you superior voice quality with potentiality of making VoIP at affordable prices. With highly competitive rates in the mobile industry, wifi network access and affordable rates for GPRS services, VoIP mobile application is taking the lead. All you need to do is to download the mobile client and once its compatibility is found with the handset, you are all set to use your VoIP mobile application to the best.

Who would not love to give a personal touch to one's near and dear ones by sending audio data?! VoIP Dialler supports G729, G.711 and GSM codec for such requirement. One should check phone's operating system before downloading this software since it runs either on Symbian or Windows Mobile 5 and 6. There are various other interesting features like multi chatting, video conferencing, knowing the remaining balance by listening to IVR. A complimentary benefit added for the users is that they can even give brand name to their services as an operator. It is a double benefit service and therefore does not deserve to be skipped!

Mobile VoIP Application is supported by SIP for signalling purposes. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is IETF defined protocol used for communicating through video or voice calls over IP (Internet Protocol). Some other functions like file transfer, online games, changing addresses, video conferencing, instant messaging are also included in the application processes. Sip Dialer is supposed to have all the functions available in the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) but it focuses on call set up protocol for IP based communication. Technology and implementation is different in SIP but the end results seem familiar. It is responsible for familiar functions like dialling a number, hearing the ring tone, a busy signal etc.

This is 21st century and therefore the way we communicate has also changed! It is much smarter and economical. VoIP Dialer is a smart choice in today's time.

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