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A mobile social network would seem to be the next big thing to come around when it comes to the online world. These are social networks that begin to develop by making themselves available through mobile phones. And with more and more people getting mobile phones, it certainly becomes a good venue for some of today's social networking sites to offer their services.

As the capabilities and the technology behind today's mobile phones advance, so does their capacity to accept better and more interesting features. Now that most smart phones today have features that allow it to go online, more and more people now have the ability to search and surf through the Web using their mobile phones. And with social network sites being one of the most widely visited sites online, it just follows that mobile users may want to have access to such sites using their mobile phones.

But there are certain limitations such as display size and speed that have to be hurdled when users need to go into social networking sites using their mobile phones. After all, even the most advanced mobile phones today could not compare in terms of performance to a desktop PC. That is why social networking sites need to develop a different and simplified version of the actual site that specifically caters to mobile Web users.

Currently there are two basic types of mobile social networks that exist. One type of social network partners up with a mobile phone carrier to develop community that is easily accessed through a default start page of a mobile phone browser. Another type is a social network that does not forge a partnership with any mobile carrier but rely on other methods in order to attract users.

With advances in both mobile and software technology, it is now possible for such mobile social networks to allow users to create their own profiles, add friends, share photos and videos, chat and many other things through their mobile phones. Certain advances have been made in many different countries that try to popularize the mobile social networks. Accessibility and availability usually depends on the support that mobile carriers and developers provide for such features as interesting additions in using today's mobile phone. And the popularity is ever growing.

Dennis Chiu, Writer and Certified Blogster

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