Mobile SEO Practices

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Over the past few years mobile internet usage has risen significantly. It's essential to ensure your site gives these mobile visitors what they are looking for in a way that suits their device and requirements.

Today's mobile handsets are capable of a lot these days and data networks can be very reliable. Data plans are becoming more affordable which means people are more likely to use their mobiles today than they were a few years ago.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the very important parts of online marketing and is something people often forget when they think about their mobile sites. Here are a few mobile SEO practices to help make your business a success on the smaller mobile devices.

Make It Mobile

Websites need to be optimised for the user's mobile device. To do this you will need to take into consideration the limitations of the device and taking advantage of its unique features. Mobile devices have a smaller screen than PC's and less computing power. Typing can be a difficult task on some of the devices so you may want to consider this when designing your mobile website. Search engines will prioritise a website optimised for mobiles on mobile devices over those which are not. After all, they are looking to give the user the best experience too.

Make The Most Of Mobile

Mobiles come with specific capabilities that are not available on PC's so it is important you use these to your benefit and help serve your visitors better. Some things you may consider including in your mobile SEO practices are click to call, mobile coupons, store locators or barcode scanners.

Mobile Is Different

You may not realise it, but mobile users will often search for different things than PC users. This is most likely because mobile users are often on the go. If you have an insurance site you may find that having ‘accident help' as a prominent feature on your mobile site could be helpful as the phone may be the first place people go after an accident. They are less likely to need ‘accident help' from their computer at home.

Good Housekeeping

When you understand what the user is looking for you find yourself in a better position to define the purpose of your mobile site and the content you need to include. Follow the basic web design rules and you will find SEO will follow. Use logical headings and start each page with a descriptive introductory sentence. Let people know what you are about right away. Use your keywords to attract search engines and users.

Compelling Content

Content is best when it is compelling, useful and regularly updated. It will ensure not only mobile users return frequently but also the search engine spiders. It's important you have promoting content (selling your company's goods and services), valuable content (adding value to sales with product information etc.) and even helpful content (articles, entertainment and giveaways).

Mobile Friendly or Mobile Optimised?

There are a few ways to configure a mobile site. Responsive design uses the same content for PC and mobile devices but is reconfigured using cascading style sheets. Dedicated mobile sites detect the visitor device and will redirect a user to a mobile optimised version of the site on a different URL. Adaptive web design detects the device and serves a mobile optimised site on the same URL. The choice is up to you and you may want to try out a range of options before choosing the one you will stick with.

Make It Local

People on mobile devices are interested in the right here right now. People will often search for something in their area as they are out on the road. Make sure it is clear on your mobile site where you are and you may even wish to dedicate special pages for specific terms.

Make It Social

We are social creatures today. It's important to give site users options to share your content and offers. Many will even use social media to recommend you to their friends and other users. Make it easy for your users by including icons which when clicked will take you to specific social media pages.

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