Mobile phones with free gifts – Free Gifts Like Laptop and 42inch LCD TV

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A unique feature of the mobile phone market place here is the fact that innumerable mobile phone offers let out by the different network service providers and the dealers who are in the business of selling mobile phone handsets come to the customer along with the ultimate lure of a free gift. Mobile phones with free gifts is very much part of a more than well organized marketing set up that tries out every trick in the book and some outside of it in order to be able to sell smartphone handsets. Normally, only the contract phone plans come with the irresistible promise of free gifts that are delivered to the customer buying the new mobile phone handset immediately along with the new handset.

In some instances, the free gift is delivered the next day only. The network service providers who are active here – Orange, O2, 3 Mobile, T-Mobile, Talk Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone – along with the innumerable dealers offer the mobile phone with free gifts. The free gifts that are generally offered along with the new mobile phone handset that is being bought include a pretty impressive list – 42 inch LCD television set, laptops, Xbox 360s, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Sony Playstation 3, digital camera device, DVD players, Apple iPod Shuffle, mobile phone accessories like headphones, etc., mobile broadband deals, etc.

As far as the network service providers and the dealers are concerned, it does not in the least matter to them as to what exactly is being given away as free gifts with the new mobile phones being purchased. They are very much in the business of selling mobile phone handsets and are contend so long as the figures remain in the right side of their balance sheets. There is a minimum number of mobile phone handsets that they need to sell if they are offering the mobile phone with a free gift. All in all, it is a very smart marketing strategy to sell smart phones.

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