Mobile Phones: The 10 Futuristic Developments

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Few years ago, the mobile phones are used for making and receiving the calls only. As those days are gone away, the mobile phones are also upgraded with the latest multimedia and the technological features.

1. Mobile Phone- A complete wallet

The cell phones are converted into debit or the credit cards by the new technology standard named “Near- field Communication” or you can say “NFC”. There is a chip available in the phone which allows one to make the payment just by the sensitive- touch interface or by bringing the phone near the NFC reader. And after this your credit card account or the bank account charged accordingly.

2. The World Wide Web in the pocket

Today almost every smart phones provides us the facility of the full HTML browsers usage. There are so many handsets of the Nokia which run the Opera browser for Symbian operating system in the mobile phones. In future these facilities are also available even in the most basic phones.

3. Location, location, location, location

GPS (Global Positioning System) chips are normally integrated in the phones and helps in finding the location of the mobile phone user. This system is also helps in finding the location where we wants to go. It indicates the direction so that one is able to reach the place easily where they want to go. It means that it mainly provides the variety of the location- related services.

4. Search goes mobile

Over the upcoming few years mobile search would become the standard feature on all the handsets. Some of the mobile phones having the search button on their keypads.

5. TV on the go-go

In upcoming few years it is expected that all types of the mobile TV are burst.

6. Simplified Surfing

Today the handset makers are working very hard so that the mobile phones becomes very easy to navigate and simpler to use. They also provide the facility of the web in the phones. One can easily access, navigate and browse and explore the latest mobile phone features and the soft wares whenever and wherever required. Mainly these soft wares are belongs to various categories like business and profession, productivity, Travel, Life style and many more.

7. Brainier Radios

The mobile phones of the today’s technology are equipped with the dual radios. In the time of the today the roaming facility should be subscribed for differently configured cellular networks over the entire world. But in the coming few years handset makers embed the facility of the Wi-Fi in the mobile phones which allows the person to use the devices in any of the Wi-Fi network hot spot.

8. Your very own cell tower

This is normally happens that the mobile having the bad service in the house and works very well if go in the balcony or the roof of the house this is only because of the network. If this really happens then ask to your mobile operators to improve the cellular coverage of the network in your home and in the office with the help of the small Wi-Fi that boots the cellular signals.

9. Picture perfect

Over the past decade years, the great change which has been noticed in the mobile phones is the Camera. Today, everyone has the camera mobile phone with them.

10. Mad for music mobile

There is no doubt that today everyone is getting mad for the music mobiles. These phones are getting popular day by day.

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