Mobile Phones- Choose your own deal from the vast collection

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The number of mobile phones entering the markets in increasing day by day. And one thing that is making it more difficult for the handset manufacturers is the fact that you just cannot say any feature latest for too long. Things are getting old pretty fast. So, what is differentiating them? Obviously, it’s the features and applications that are still differentiating them. But, things have changed for sure. Feature specifications alone cannot win the day for any handset manufacturer unless there comes an iPhone 4 or an iPad. But, these can well be taken as aberrations.Here comes the role essayed by mobile phone deals. With every passing time the role played by handset manufacturers to market their offerings is getting diminished. What is happening is that the companies like Samsung, LG, Blackberry, HTC, Apple, Sony Ericsson and the rest of others are bringing out mobile the latest mobile phones. And the network companies are playing increasingly bigger roles in marketing these products.The network providers like Virgin, O2, Orange, t-Mobile, Three, etc are offer deals with the aim of marketing these handsets. It is about cutting an understanding between the two set of companies. However, the popular deals and offers that are lapped by the customers are contract offers, pay as you go, and Sim free. All the three are hugely popular with the mobile users. The basic reason is that they go a long way in bringing down the cost of the mobile phones.

The contact phones are the most popular as they bring many freebies and incentives that cut down the effective coast in a substantial manner. And, the pay as you go mobile phones are the ones that bring much needed flexibility and freedom to the users. In this case they need not pay any monthly rental like contract phones. They can also decide their own monthly bills as they can recharge their phones with various coupons available in the markets.

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