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Communication is vital for effective transfer of information or idea. The effectiveness of communication depends on the means adopted to communicate. The choice is unlimited for a person today. The earlier known signs of communication were speech, sign language (including fingerspelling into the palm of the deaf/blind), writing, Braille, body movements, and facial expression. This kind of communication was practiced among small groups. Communication on larger scale involves various forms. Technology has added impetus to the process. It has made the task of communication all the more easier.

1. Email - This is used to transferring files before a face-to-face meeting or updating on developments during the day. It is also a formal mode of communication. One can also use it as a means of non-urgent communication.

2. SMS - Short message service or SMS, is similar to email. It is difficult to ignore an SMS. It helps a person communicate by texting. It is non-intrusive too.

3. Phone call - It is used to speak or communicate with a person urgent. The best thing one can use it to call anyone from any place which resolves issues regarding urgency.

With the advent of mobile phones, the world has indeed been brought much closer. Initially, very few could afford it. The constant demand led to a massive production coupled with advancement in technology. It is no more confined to a class or section of people. Today, we can find people from the lowest strata using it; be it a cobbler or a day worker.

Mobile phones are available with additional features such as Bluetooth, email, camera, music, etc. It is no more confined to make a call or send text messages. It is meant for multiple purpose usage. They are available in various hues and colours too. The latest features are All in One Instant Messaging and Download All in One Instant Messengers. Many users have expressed their satisfaction about the services.

Instant messaging allows a user stay in touch round the clock with many people. A user can log in to accounts on multiple chat networks simultaneously. A user can consolidate Gchat, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ, and social network profiles in a single application. This enables a user chat with friends on MSN, talk to a friend on Google Talk, while sitting in a Yahoo chat room all at the same time. It is a marvel of technology indeed. It saves one from the hassle of downloading various applications and cut short the time being spent on each application. Technology has indeed undergone a sea change and made mobile phones a handy tool much on the lines of a PC.

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