Mobile Phone Ring Tones - A Brief History

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Mobile phone ring tones are said to have a history of their own. The evolution of these ring tones is quite interesting as these have passed through a whole journey and have reached where these ring tones are standing today. Mobile phones are said to be the most favorite gadget of this modern man so he has come up with different other ideas as well in order to make this invention more appealing. There are so many thing that have been got attached with this mobile phone business and ring tones are one such segment. Now, in this article we will be having a look at the journey, these mobile phone ring tones have gone through up till now.

The history of mobile phone ring tones is not that old as the mobile phone. Rather it has developed over the recent decade. The evolution of these ring tones stared from 2001 and that too in Finland. This is the place from where the use of mobile phone ring tones originated. In the beginning, it was just the assembly of certain musical notes on which the ring tone used to be created. These used to be the textual musical notes that were used to be transferred to musical notes in order to make a ring ton of those. That was the very primary and basic step and from there on wards, mobile ring tones started to evolve themselves and reached the isthmus where these are standing nowadays.

Monophonic ring tones were the next step that was taken after the creation of textual musical notes. It captured the attention of the whole world and especially of those who used to own different mobile phones. This creation was attempted in 2002. It is said to be the sequential arrangements of musical sounds being produced at one note only at one time. Mobile phone companies started to put monophonic ring tones as the attractive feature in the mobile sets they were producing at that time. It gained a lot of popularity within a short span of time.

After that came the phase of polyphonic ring tones. These were like a sweeping storm. These tones involve the production musical notes ranging from 16 to 40. These tones were a major hit and became very popular. To have a polyphonic ring tone was like adding a very attractive feature to one’s cell phone. Many songs and musical compositions took the form of polyphonic ring tones which could be heard on different cell phone sets.

After that the final stage that is being used currently as well is the true tones ring tones. This is latest position and level which these ring tones have achieved. It can be a sound of a barking dog and it can be the laughter of a baby as well. These also include mp3 tones where you can select the original songs of your choice and can set them as your ringing tone. So, this is the history of the mobile phone ring tones, a journey from their start to their final status.

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