Mobile Phone Review: Blackberry Storm 9530 - including Camera with 3.15MP Resolution

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The trademark of cell phones today is the extensive assortment of features they have. The various companies spend huge amounts of money to brand their products. Consequently talking of one's cellular phone has become virtually an outdated practice. There are many product names such as the BlackBerry. Anyway, that is the subject of our review, today, the BlackBerry Storm 9530. Having a camera-feature included in a mobile phone is almost standard today. The image resolution isnow the crucial feature, and that of the Blackberry 9530 is just a little more than 3 megapixels. There is a good deal more to the 9530, and we will talk about additional features with you.

There are actually a good number of superb features with the Storm 9530 mobile phone. There is for one, it has a built-in GPS system that uses BlackBerry maps. We are reasonably positive this is a standard purchase license for a GPS database they have put their name on. A further feature is that the media player lets you use not just MP3 files, but also WMA and AAC+ files. Both WMV and MPEG4 format movies may be watched on the video player. As noted earlier, the camera delivers resolution of over 3 MP, and it likewise has an automatic focus feature. Not only could you watch videos, you can take them too, while the LED flash allows you to adjust brightness.

The Storm 9530 Blackberry phone utilizes a touch screen-based technology. All of the basic text messaging features are included, and you can now also modify files. WiFi Internet access and listening to music online is doable through the Blackberry 9530 cell phone's integration of Bluetooth technology. The world's first "clickable" screen was integrated to the Storm 9530 cell phone. Providing people a feeling of ease was the intent behind this. It was designed to imitate certain actions of a regular keyboard. Other supported feature is individual and multi-touch for interacting with different applications.

A great feature is that other mobile phone providers could be accessed, so that for GPS you can get connected to Verizon Wireless. In addition, you can capitalize on this service wherever you are in the world. The Blackberry Storm 9530's internal memory is 1 GB; but it can be expanded to 16 gigabyte. Today, many of us have many email accounts, and a great feature is that you can have up to ten, whether for business or personal use. We are all aware of how much people send and receive text messages, and there are plenty of instant messaging services that can be used. When in continuous use, a fully charged battery will last six hours.

Even if the Storm 9530 cell phone is outdated, there is still a sizable market for certain consumers. For instance, not everyone can afford the latest and greatest in cellular phone technology. Likewise, numerous people don't have the huge desire to surf the net from their cell phones. This market simply demands a cellular phone that gets the job done dependably. The result is that manufacturers frequently find it lucrative to renovate older mobile phones and offer them for sale., eBay and other similar sites have a lot of information about fixed units available for sale.

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