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Today the mobile phone market is flooded with mobile manufacturers and everyone wants to the lead the way. To get the first position in this competition companies are adopting different ways and techniques to promote their handsets. The companies are giving attractive and exciting deals with the handsets thatinclude free gifts and incentives with the handsets.

The latest handsets that are coming in the market are not just for communication purpose they are delivering more then that. With the inventions of new technologies in the mobile phone deals the user gets features like fast internet access ,camera,video calling etc. these handsets have become an integral part of our lives and keep a very important place in our lives. These gadgets never let us get bored as the latest mobiles also come with games,MP3 players where you can listen to your favorite songs just with a click ,thanks to the external memory card slot that gives you ample space to store all these utilities. In addition to all these features almost all the networking companies are providing various deals that offer free gifts and free incentives to the customers which is a double treat. The user gets his desired gift with his favorite handset. The offers comes with various deals that are available in the market like the contract deal, the pay as you go and the SIM free mobile phone deal. In contract deals the user fills a contract with a particular network. In pay as you go deal the user has to pay for the time that he used the network and in SIM free mobile deal the user is free to use a SIM of his desired network and switch to any other network when he want. These all deals give lucrative deals to the customers to attract them. The user gets offers like free gifts such as car kit,Sony PS3,iPod and free TV with mobile phones. With the help of this, you can save your hard-earned money as well as keep a check on your precious time. These lucrative schemes and offers play a vital role in promoting the sale of the handsets and also to retain users' trust.

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