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Mobile phones have moved from the tag of luxury to necessity over the past few years and have definitely become a device that we cannot do with. With all the manufacturers of latest technology mobiles, striving to make it to the top position, we have an unlimited range of hi tech phones in the market.

Sensing this rising demand for smart phones, the leading network providers have entered into agreements with the top manufacturers of mobile phones, under which the latest as well as the soon to be launched models are made available to those who wish to buy, under certain deals. These deals re of three types, viz. contract, Pay as you go and SIM only or SIM free deals.

In contract mobile phone deals, you are demanded to enter a signed contract with the network supplier. Duration of these contracts vary from 6 18 months, during which a change in network is not accessible, even if you are not satisfied with the services of their services. But, economically, contract deals are more beneficial as you can get cheap mobile phones with free gifts and incentives like incredibly low calling rates.

The pay as you go deals do not require you to sign any agreement and same is the case with SIM free deals. In pay as you go phones, you have to pay the charges according to the usage of the services of the network you are using. The charges may be either deducted directly from your balance or can be paid at the end of the month.

The SIM free deals offer total freedom as you can use the SIM of any network of your choice in any phone and you can also switch networks if you are not satisfied with the services of the present one.
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