Mobile Multi Tasking

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A mobile service is no longer confined to calls, but features such as Mobile Internet , video conferencing, and other multi-media options are part of mobiles, nowadays. Evolved from Radio phones, mobile phones are a requisite lot in an individual’s life. Before the inclusion of mobile internet, mobile phones were solely used for receiving or making calls. In its early days, mobile service tariff plans were very expensive and rare. But, with the advent of new mobile technology, the STD rates and phone prepaid costs dipped significantly. Over the past decade, mobile phone markets have seen many new entrants competing with renowned existing brands. Path breaking mobile service technologies such as ‘Retina display’, ‘Blu-ray clarity’, ‘feather touch’ and ‘motion sensing mobile gaming consoles’ have given mobile phones a completely new identity.

Phone prepaid plans have become innovative and they are tactfully marketed. Earlier the phone prepaid tariff plans did not have a range of call rates to choose from. Instead, there were 2-3 tariff plans, which were sold through exclusive retailers. SMS service was first started in 1992, UK. Since then, SMS services have become a major tool of mobile communication and a major tariff plan USP. Phone prepaid rates change with pricing strategies of market leaders. Major market players decide the pricing of prepaid mobile service and create a competitive edge for themselves. STD rates are the most volatile component of a mobile tariff plan on the industry. Earlier, STD rates were 6-8 rupees a minute and now, it is as low as 0.5paise/min.

It was in 1998, when multi-media services became part of a mobile service. Mobile internet and mp3 player were one of the first inclusions to a mobile service. Mobile internet Tariff Plans are sold as vouchers and separate plans in the market. These mobile internet services account for approximately 20% of revenue generation in a mobile company. Mobile phones have changed the way one perceives the world. Fourth generation technology is expected to bring a revolution in the technology market, yet again. Similar types of gadgets like satellite phones, IP phones, cordless telephones and professional mobile phones gained popularity due to mobile phones in the market. Anywhere in the world, mobile phones are used for personal or professional purposes. As humans evolve in all aspects, technologies are also given new shapes and definitions. Mobiles are more than calling devices; they are simply multi-tasking pleasure.

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