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The introduction of mobile phones brought about a revolution in the world of communication. They were the wonder devices that could keep you connected with your people no matter where you went. Mobile phones liberated us of the dependency on our fixed landlines and eventually became our primary communication device. However, soon, it was realized that there is much more that can be done with a single mobile phone handset and a series of interesting additions were introduced in them to make them not just our phones but also our single most important, multi functional device.

The result of this constant quest for something new and technologically advanced has resulted in today's ultra cool mobile phones that are not just our phones but also our cameras, music systems, navigators, FM radios, internet surfing devices and even our mini computers assisting us with our most crucial office work too. Little wonder it is then that it would be required that we keep large amounts of all kind of data on board on our cell phones. Be it large files of songs for music lovers, videos for movie buffs or presentations, documents and excel sheets for the avid workaholic- everything needs to be kept somewhere within reach for easy access while using our cell phones in their alter avatars. Now technically, a cell phone itself has its own limitations for storage space. So what is the solution? Enter mobile memory cards.

These cards are small memory chips that can be used in any mobile phone that is compatible with them to upgrade the memory of the phone. There is a dedicated slot made for these cards in the phones that are compatible with them and you can easily slip in the card there to increase the memory size. Now the interesting thing is that there are different types of mobile memory cards available today in the market and these cards also come in different memory sizes. You need to determine which card is your mobile handset compatible with and what is the maximum memory size it allows. Based on your phone's capacity, you can pick up the card that is compatible with it.

The different types of mobile phones memory cards available in the market are RS-MMC(reduced size multi media card), Mini SD card, MicroSD card, TransFlash Memory Card, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Duo Pro etc. The commonly used memory cards have memory sizes ranging from a 512MB to even 16GB and give you ample storage solution on your cell phone.

These cards are a very solution for storage needs on the mobile phones as they eliminate the need to constantly delete or transfer data from your phone's memory by giving you large, extended memory. At the same time they also come to your rescue when you are running short of time and cannot spend precious minutes on transferring data to your PC. You can simply change the memory card if one is full and get fresh storage space. These cards come in various price ranges depending on their storage capacities and brands. A lot of reputed brands like Sony, Sandisk, Kinston, Moser Baer etc are providing with the best of mobile memory cards available.

While shopping for a mobile phones memory card always keep in mind what kind of files you are going to store in it as bigger files like pictures and videos would require a larger space as compared to songs or documents. So double up your cell phone as your camera or music player- with a memory card attached, you can go ahead and use it with much diversity.

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