Mobile Marketing, Smartphones and the Revolution

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Technology is reinventing how everything is done. In particular, it has become something that has put a unique spin on how people communicate with one another. It has changed complex things like the way that consumers shop and pay their bills. It has even changed the way that advertisers market to customers. The internet has become a well-known marketing platform, but the way that most people are accessing the web is changing, and advertisement strategies are quickly following these developing trends.

Smart phone ownership is becoming more and more common amongst consumers. A time will come when the only cell phones on the market will be smart phones. This means that everyone with a cell phone will have access to the internet and the vast variety of mobile apps that are available for cell phone users. This increase represents an abundant opportunity for advertisers to target these potential customers through their cell phones.

This strategy has already taken off and become successful for many digital-savvy companies. Lot of companies can be linked to the strong appeal of social media networking. There are certain sites where consumers spend a large majority of their time. These sites also have professional companies with pages as well. These sites use the social media ring to attract consumers and their friends. Sometimes this is done through a promotional giveaway. There are other times when the company may use their social media profile to offer exclusive discounts. People can click on a page, for example, and receive coupon codes for special online promotions.

Another mobile marketing method is for companies to build their fan base is through web apps. Companies that have lots of promotional offers may partner with companies that have apps. These built in apps are great because consumers have to stop and at least view the ad or banner before continuing to different areas of the app. This is similar to pop-up banner advertising that can be found on some web pages.

Yet another method involves the ability to advertise through popular websites that show news and video content. This is usually in the form of a commercial that may appear before the news or video that the consumer is actually trying to access. This is a great concept for advertisers because the consumers cannot skip the ad. They have to wait until the commercial has played before obtaining access to their desired content. This is truly the new mobile marketing revolution.

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