Mobile marketing is useful for any kind of business

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With the advent of SMS the world of marketing has experienced a drastic change in the field of advertisements. Instead of telephonic conversation and email marketing businessmen are more inclined to promote their products and inform the customers about their newly launched products through mobile tools of advertisements like SMS and Bluetooth technologies. The way of SMS marketing is very simple and convincing because in this way you are not disturbing your clients in odd times and unnecessarily you are not wasting his or her valuable time. Therefore he or she will not be disturbed and thus automatically will give his or her attention to your sent message which promotes your products feature. It is also better than telephonic conversation as there is lesser chance of disturbing the customer, which is often caused by unwelcome phone calls. It is better also because of the fact that the sales person need not spend a lot of time in making the customer understand the thing he intends to say. Another important thing about SMS marketing is that because of the very little space (160 words to the most) there is no chance of juggling with words and therefore you can come straight to the point about what you intend to convey in your message. It is also useful for the customer because the SMS is saved in his mobile and therefore he gets the chance of reading it several times for better understanding if he finds it interesting.

Apart from SMS marketing Bluetooth marketing is another tool for mobile marketing which can be used in the form of text, or video photos, coupons, calendar alarms, text, web links and more can be send to the customer's mobile directly. But in this case it is important for the customer to be within the range of the transmitter and also it needs the customer's permission. But along with that a lot more things and information can be send to the customer's mobile if the transmitter gets the customer's permission.

You can not simply imagine the impact of a Bluetooth activated devise in the field of promotion and advertising. If you are a customer you may have noticed that sometimes a sign popping up on your mobile device asking you whether you are interested in exchanging your data information with some other company. There will be an option of your acceptance and denial for sure. If you accept, then you are prompted to download whatever information the company has chosen to send to you. You can accept or deny each application. It's that simple. In the real world, there will be challenges as people become accustomed to this new way of marketing. Employees have to be trained and there will be some customers who have no clue how to turn on their Bluetooth. One thing is almost certain. If someone is prompted to turn it on when they are out shopping and can't find their Bluetooth settings, they will wonder what they missed and most likely find a way to learn about this new technology!

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