Mobile internet dongles allowing freedom to roam

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If you want a great mobile wireless internet service from a company with over 130 years of experience of dealing with customers and their wishes, then the BT internet service could be for you. Even better than this, with the simple use of a BT Broadband dongle, you could be using the BT internet wireless mobile broadband service.

Providing roaming internet use on the mobile phone 3G network that you will most likely be familiar with if you own a smart phone, the mobile service can help to change the way you surf and the manner in which the internet helps your everyday life.


The advantages of mobile internet may not be immediately obvious if you use a fixed desktop computer in a well connected part of London. However, if you use a laptop of touchpad device, the uses will soon become apparent. Even if you do use a desktop pc, mobile internet may still be for you if you live in an area that has a poor quality broadband service, or even none at all; for example if you live in a new build estate that does not have broadband “plumbed in” yet.

Returning to the more common use of the service, having a wireless device such as a touchpad tablet or small laptop or notebook will allow you to travel freely and then browse the internet while you stop for a coffee or while on your lunch break; catching up on the recent news or sports results, or chatting on a social networking site.

Additionally, mobile internet can come to be of great use to you if you need to show clients information on the move as part of your job for example. This is most apparent in the case of property developers or architects that perhaps need to show customers examples of plans or building styles while on a building site or in a house that is uninhabited. Or perhaps you are an estate agent that needs to show customers house details while showing them around said house.

Handy for tablet devices

Regardless of if your job applies to one of these scenarios, or even if you do not work, you will surely find a great use for mobile internet. Even when sightseeing a mobile tablet device can come in handy when it has an internet connection, allowing you to find restaurants or places of interest and landmarks, or even to direct you to a destination with a maps service. You can book tickets for a show while in a public park in London, and go to see the show half an hour later at your own leisure.

This is a prime example of a BT dongle freeing up your movements and even changing your lifestyle in terms of reducing the need to be tied to a fixed point with a computer; the whole concept is that of freedom of movement while still regaining the full access to information and services that the internet provides.

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