Mobile Gaming: The Next Level

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Gaming has always been an addiction. Remember the days of video game when youíll relentlessly spend hours playing Pac-Man and Fast Bros 2. Then, with advanced gaming technologies and more interactive games, came the age of things like X-Box 360 and PlayStation which further instigated that desire to keep playing. Now, with phones specially being made for gaming, the craze is at its peak because you donít have to fetch those extra thousands especially for a gaming gadget.

If we say that N-Gage from Nokia has been a pioneer in the field of gaming pones, itíll not be wrong. The phone was specifically designed to satiate your appetite for gaming and calling was a secondary feature in that. Even though the phone is not available in the market now but it started a revolution, which was and is still followed by many.

In recent times, Sony Ericsson has also launched its specialized gaming phone Play, which has a special gaming remote type rear panel. Apart from this, phones like Nokia N95, Apple iPhone, HTC Desire HD, Spice X1, Samsung Google Nexus S, LG Optimus 2 X and Maxx Mobile can fulfill your desire for magical mobile gaming experience.

Itís not the phone that is important but the game is. Those days are long gone when games like Snake and Bounce will keep people busy for long. Now, the expectations from gaming have increased and developers are catering well to the demands of the enthusiasts. Games like Angry Birds, classic Need for Speed and a huge repertoire of new games with special effects is available on diverse platforms. Applications stores form all the major developers have a lot interesting games to offer and the best part is many of these games are free of cost. However, the ones that cost money are ecstatic.

With Value Added Services (VAS) sector growing at a rapid pace, the gaming industry, which is an integral part of VAS, is expected to move forth at similar pace. Mainly, the target group for gaming phones and applications is 15-30 years of people and the developers have to be constantly innovative in terms of design and platforms.

Earlier, there were only traditional games pre-loaded in the phone but over the last two years Bluetooth gaming, multi-players games, 3G and motion sensor games have started becoming picking up the ground. There is no doubt about the fact that increasing penetration of Smartphoneís in India is giving way to development of games with advanced features and effects.

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