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SENAO INTERNATIONAL is a company is committed to providing cost effective solutions to cellular reception problems experienced by individuals who use different technologies around the world.

Today we can spend a lot of money over the brand of mobile phone we fancy. There are in fact no reasons not to do so. But, it has to be understood that the value of a mobile phone is only as long as mobile signals are proper and strong enough. Otherwise, it is no more than a fancy box. Actually, there is a trend of spending so much over various kinds of accessories that add to the utility of your mobile phone. They also get useless in case signals are just not catching. In that case we want to catch the signals at any cost. But, they are not something we can catch by will. Here we feel the need of some kind of a booster, rather a Mobile Booster.

Technically speaking, it is a kind of accessory; but, not an ordinary accessory. It is a new age mobile accessory that helps the mobile phone to catch signals in a better manner. It can definitely boost the outgoing and incoming calls. There are many more benefits associated with it. Quite obviously it helps in receiving calls even in areas which were definitely out of your phone’s purview. At the same time, it also improves the voice quality of the calls received and made.

A very common grouse associated with the services of telecom operators is that the signals are not as clear in homes and buildings as they are in open. Things get even tougher in case there is mobility. These days there are companies which are selling instruments in the name of Mobile Network Booster. So far as its components are concerned, it comprises an antenna and an amplifier. The amplifier is meant to boost the signal and antenna to catch the signals. Apart from being useful as a mobile signal enhancer these boosters are good for health also. In some way or other they stop the spread of dangerous waves emitting out of phones. The use of a mobile booster typically depends over the place it needs to be installed in.

That way, it is quite common to install one either over the roof of a car or inside a home. Here, an amplifier is connected with the antenna through a cable. This helps in receiving calls even when you are getting out of your specific area. In the same way, one can choose from two mobile phone booster available in the market for home or office space. One of these two sell phone signal booster is a kind of wireless arrangement in which an antenna installed over the roof is connected to an amplifier. In this case any wire connection is not needed. In the next type too, there is no wire connection either and the amplifier has an in-built antenna.

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