Mobile More than Just a Gadget to Make Calls

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There was a time when mobile phones were restricted to making phone calls. Cut to 2010, when mobile phones have shunned the humble image to take on the avatar of being a necessity rather than a comfort. There are a host of softwares and features in a mobile which have made it an inseparable part of lives on an individual level as well as an industrial level. The fact that every household has at least one mobile phone on an average has spurred the marketing and advertising industry for this gadget and has brought a revolution of sorts to it. The greatest and the most potent way of mobile marketing and advertising that has emerged over the years is bulk SMS.
Bulk SMS service is not only extremely happy on the pocket but is also a very effective means of keeping in touch. Unlike most of the advertising mediums which mostly fade away from the minds of the audience, an SMS has a better recall value, either you like an SMS or you don't like it, you can never ignore it. Also, the propensity of an SMS not being read even once is nearly impossible. Bulk SMS providers usually create separate e-mail ids for easier processing. They also create web accounts with more than a million numbers. Automated message scheduling also facilitates Bulk SMS Service.

SMS Gateway
Another main feature which is closely linked with Bulk SMS is SMS Gateway. It is a service through which one message can be sent from a type of medium to mobile phone medium and vice versa. It transforms a message or for that matter an E-Mail into mobile message without the use of a mobile phone. SMS Gateway has opened several ways to send bulk SMS to a range of recipients which has made corporate working a lot easier. There are several companies utilizing this service on larger levels to facilitate better working.

• Skype
Any person who has an account on Skype can make use of the SMS Gateway service being offered by the corporate networking company. Skype SMS can be sent to a large number of mobile phones or ever landline phones. The cost of these SMS is debited from the personal SkypeOut account of the person logged in. The Skype client also receives a receipt which confirms that the SMS has been sent.
• E-Mail
It is a non-commercial service. So far this is only allowed on GSM mobile phones. Any person owning a GSM mobile phone can easily send e-mail using the SMS service.

• Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook 2007 allows the users to send SMS anywhere in the world through the Outlook Mobile Service. The Microsoft Outlook Plug-ins are also an add-on to the functionality.

SMS Poll Software
There is yet another feature which has taken mobile activities to a whole new level- SMS Poll. It is a highly interactive feature which has a user friendly interface. It simply allows you to create various types of surveys, polls, voting for favorite song or movie etc. There are a number of SMS Poll Software available in the market which empower the user with facility that has brought a mobile user from the receiving end to the giving end. The SMS Polling Software has also served the marketing and advertising industries in more ways than one.

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