MJ’s absence to effect Hollywood Music industry

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It's been more than a month that the biggest pop icon of the world has passed away but fans across the globe are still mourning. Michael Jackson was not only a pop singer who drove the world crazy with his incredible rhythm, but he was the one who changed the definition of pop music. Much more than a singer, MJ was a super entertainment who had the ability to attract people with everything he did. I have been a great fan of MJ from my childhood but not for his magical voice or the lively wordings of his songs, but what used to drive me crazy was his physical ability. The acrobatic moves of Michael Jackson on the stage were surely a bigger gift for the audience than his songs. Like his life, MJ's death has also been covered with cloud of controversy, especially as it came just a few days before his comeback concert, but one thing that no one will debate on is that his absence caused an irreparable damage to the world of music.

Today there are hundreds of star entertainers who drive the crowds crazy on their every stage shows. There are countless numbers of rock bands, male singers, female singers, instrumentalists and percussionists who attract huge crowd in their shows but what they lack is to provide a complete package of entertainment as MJ used to do. I can't even think what would have happened on the day of MJ's comeback concert. Music shops and the shopping malls would have struggled to meet the demand of the new album and the fans would have been chanting the wordings all the time. Being a music lover I know about the craze for albums of this era's pop singers but that can never match the desperation of people for collecting a cassette or CD of MJ's album which I have witnessed every time his new album has been released.

I don't think there's any music shop in the world that could doubt whether MJ's new album would have been a best seller or not. I don't think there should be any doubt on this. MJ's albums have always been major sources of revenue for the music industry and that's why his absence means much more to them than his fans. Rock and jazz have already made survival of pop artists challenging and with MJ leaving, it's surely going to be ‘struggle for existence' for them because there can be no replacement for the ‘moon walker'.

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